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Support Manual - Talking to My Teenager

The second intellectual result developed was a support manual for improving educational style is a textbook for parents, designed to enhance the quality of adolescent education, with a special focus on improving parenting and adolescent relationships and reducing risky behavior of adolescents. The content is based on joint research conducted by project experts and includes topics suggested by the needs of the target groups discovered during the analysis of the questionnaire.

The support manual has been developed and contains a total of 8 chapters. The content of these chapters is:

  • Chapter 1 - Identity formation in adolescence:

  • Chapter 2 - Understanding behaviors and personality

  • Chapter 3 - About emotions, their mechanisms and their role in adolescent behavior

  • Chapter 4 - Communication in the two primary stages of adolescence,

  • Chapter 5 - Communication with higher education students

  • Chapter 6 - Communication between parents and adolescents

  • Chapter 7 - Recommendations for optimal communication between parents and adolescents

  • Chapter 8 - Identification and management of risky behaviors

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