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Identifying parents' abilities

The project "Talking to my teenager" aims to improve the quality of relationships and communication between teenage sons and caregivers (parents, grandparents). To achieve this goal, we included in this project a first result based on the analysis of the needs of the target group.

This analysis involved 426 participants from the three participating countries: Romania, Italy and Cyprus.

The first intellectual result was the elaboration, application and interpretation of a questionnaire. This questionnaire includes 21 questions on a multidimensional scale.

The aim of the research was to identify the educational skills of parents and their effects on adolescent behavior.

The main objectives of the implementation of the questionnaire were:

- Understanding the needs of parents in their educational practices

- Study of adolescents' reactions to parenting practices

- Transnational comparisons of participating countries' practices (IT, RO, CY)

The quantitative and qualitative results of the questionnaires were statistically analyzed, and the diagrams and reports were presented, the conclusions were also analyzed by each partner.

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