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Rivensco Consulting Ltd is an innovative company that aims to establish a major link between academia and business. Rivensco operates in all major cities in Cyprus and offers training in various fields such as business, social enterprise, information technology and hospitality. With our experience in EU projects, we support local businesses to participate in European and nationally funded projects, including the local Chamber of Commerce, local colleges, universities, ministries, municipalities and other stakeholders. The efficiency of our operations requires cooperation with several small businesses and local stakeholders, including the local media. We pay special attention to the essential role of new technologies and the competitive advantage they offer. Our daily operations with several companies make our company ideal for employment, as it is in a privileged position to offer real experience in various fields. Highly specialized professional staff includes psychologists, teachers / trainers and business consultants who can provide training in various fields. We have the ability to provide training to professionals and the general public in various fields, such as effective communication, parenting skills and personal development.

In 2014, Rivensco joined forces with a vocational and technology training center to improve its training capacity, expand its network and offer more courses. Rivensco Consulting offers specialized courses for interview preparation, CV preparation, preparing students with different personality tests and national tests. This allowed Rivensco to focus on training young entrepreneurs; Erasmus COSME program for young entrepreneurs in Cyprus, providing information and financial support to new entrepreneurs in Cyprus who travel to host entrepreneurs from other countries to acquire managerial skills. We have strong experience in Erasmus KA1 Mobility projects in hosting training schools in Cyprus and we also participate in KA2 strategic partnership projects on entrepreneurship and training modules. We hosted trainers from Romania for training courses. Finally, we provide support in EU projects to local chambers of commerce, municipalities and other local stakeholders.

Rivensco Consulting has a long experience in promoting issues related to young people, including adolescents, and has developed in recent years a strong network with partners from different parts of society, to ensure that all people, with care for disadvantaged people, have access to both quantitative and qualitative information, which will really help them become more familiar and aware of the issues related to them.

Rivensco Consulting networks include several stakeholders, such as local community committees, municipalities, local chambers of commerce and industry, parents' school associations (of all levels of education, primary and secondary), and the European Union office in Paphos, University of Neapolis. , and CDA College. All this is a serious basis on which Rivensco Consulting can base its general activities.

Rivensco Consulting has conducted several lectures and seminars in order to inform all relevant parties, such as parents and children, especially those of vulnerable age, especially provided that cyberbullying is currently considered a serious problem that looks at the local society and has attracted the attention of the academic and professional world.

Our activities regarding young people and parents are effectively covered and promoted by the local media with which Rivensco Consulting has managed to structure a long-lasting fruitful cooperation.

Promoting our activities and disseminating our products is a key priority, as we believe that experience and knowledge must be shared for parents and adolescents to benefit from our activities.



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