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The Parents' Association of Alexandria Technological High School No. 1 has been involved in developing projects in the school and the community is always a bridge between collaboration and support between parents and school officials.
Thus, in recent years, between 2011 and 2016, both financially and logistically supported the school's participation in the competition "EUROPE PARADE", whereby each high school in Teleorman County, by drawing lots, represents through a parade, a country in Europe or even around the world.
Also, the preparation and the holding of the Freshers' Ball was an objective for the parents.
For the high school students who are staying at the boarding school and who do not have the opportunity to have at least one hot meal a day, the Association has been involved in the purchase of a gas stove, a microwave oven and a refrigerator with which the office is equipped. in the boarding school, where pupils serve food or prepare meals.
Curtains and galleries were also purchased for the boarding school's lesson instruction rooms and printer supplies available to boarding school students (December 2015).
In the school yard, next to the main pupils' entrance to the school building, litter bins made of sheet metal were installed, supported by the parent representative council, as well as cement slabs together with building materials with which the access road to the teachers' entrance was paved (October 2016).
To reward students who participated in the winter holidays - carols, packages of sweets and fruit (packages of sweets and fruit were given (December 2015, 2016).
To support the professional work of students of the gastronomy technician specialty, an electric oven was purchased and equipped with the gastronomy laboratory of the school, where students practice weekly practical training sessions (February 2017).
For the refurbishment of the staff sanitary group, sanitary materials and items were purchased and specific works were carried out in the own direction (February 2016).
In the A1 information room, laminate flooring was purchased with the financial support of the Parent Council (February 2015).
To support extracurricular activities, the Parents' Association organises meetings and round tables with parents and teenagers, facilitating the exchange of views between them and improving the dialogue between parents and teenagers.

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