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Technological High School Nr. 1 Alexandria is a high school with a tradition in the landscape of Teleorman technological education, with a special material base, in which the workshops and laboratories have all the facilities necessary to carry out the specialized practice. Lately, it is in line with the general trend of technological high schools, with a significant decrease in the school population, being disadvantaged, among other factors and geographical position, in an adjacent city.
Within the Technological High School no. 1 in Alexandria employs 54 teachers. The high school has a staff of 655 students (514 rural residents), divided into 27 classes of day and evening courses, which are trained in the following fields: mechanical, electrical, economic, public and sports.
The lack of adequate school and vocational counseling, inadequate information of parents about vocational training offers and qualification opportunities, as well as opportunities to obtain a qualification, the mentality of families in technology education, along with those listed above, are also , reasons why technology high school is the last option for students to enroll in high school and drive to technology high schools, almost exclusively for students with very low admission averages
Thus, the students heading to the Technological High School No. 1 Alexandria are students from disadvantaged socio-economic families: precarious financial situation, single-parent families, parents working abroad - children in the care of grandparents or other relatives (28 students), students with severe deficiencies in education and training, very low graduation and very low averages in the national assessment.
Also at school, many students are Roma, without a report, who drop out of school or have a very low attendance, lack of interest in study and training, due to ethnic traditions and customs.
The weak economic development of the county and the Alexandria area, the insufficient labor demand, the lack of strong economic agents to ensure the absorption of the new labor force, lead to the decrease of the interest for pursuing the specializations of the Alexandrian High School.
In view of the above, the problems faced by high school students and the causes they determine are:
1. Higher absenteeism rate, determined by:
• the precarious financial situation of families, low level of education, lack of involvement in supporting the education and training of their children;
• family-school relationship, often one-way (school-to-family only), family initiative and involvement are often lacking;
• the school is not always able to counteract the negative effects of the informal area, outside it;
2. Low graduation rate caused by:
• a low initial knowledge base;
• low motivation for learning, with a rather low job offer for beginners;
• lack of a vision on one's own educational and professional path;
• young people are not educated in school for “change”;
• insufficiently developed social and professional communication skills of students;
• students' self-confidence, which leads to difficulties in expressing personal opinions, but also to the absence of future projections that motivate the student to perform.
4. Declining motivation for successful completion of studies, due to insufficient involvement of social and economic factors in supporting the integration of graduates into the labor market with a low standard of living, as well as situations where parents are forced to go to work abroad.


Website: Technological High School, Nr. 1, Alexandria


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